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Renal DTPA SCAN – What should you know?

July 13, 2020

If your doctor has prescribed a Renal DTPA Scan, you must be wondering what is it and what should you expect during your scan.

Renal DTPA scan is a kidney diagnosis examination that involves the use of radioactive material to evaluate and diagnose the functioning and condition of your kidneys. This scan is able to detect all kinds of kidney-related abnormalities, be it structural or functional. Renal DTPA scan is also called a renogram, renal imaging, or renal scintigraphy. This is a non-invasive, painless technology that has changed the world of healthcare.

Renal DTPA Scan in Chandigarh

By prescribing a renal scan, your doctor will be able to evaluate the condition of your kidney and can decide the right treatment plan for you to treat any abnormality related to your kidneys with no possible surgery or invasive procedure.

Why Renal DTPA SCAN is so advanced and unique?

  1. There are so many things that make renal DTPA scan so unique and advanced. Some of them are -This scan captures multiple images of the kidneys simultaneously with the use of a Gamma Camera. This, as a result, improves the precision and accuracy of diagnosis and evaluation of the functioning of the kidneys.
  2. It combines high performance and versatility
  3. This advanced technology does not expose the patient to a lot of radiation.

Why do you need a renal DTPA scan?

If your kidney is showing any usual symptoms or suffering from a disease, your doctor may prescribe a renal scan.

Your kidneys are responsible for

  • Removing liquid waste, or urea from the blood by producing urine
  • Providing the hormone calcitriol, which is responsible for supplying calcium to bones
  • Producing the hormone erythropoietin, which fosters red blood cell growth
  • Producing the hormone renin, which controls blood pressure
  • Maintaining a balance of chemicals, like potassium and sodium, in the blood


A change in the functioning of your kidneys starts slowly and often with no clear symptoms. In most cases, urine and blood tests may show the first signs of compromised kidney function. Renal DTPA scan can help in identifying the cause of compromised kidney function. There can be many causes such as an injury to the kidneys, obstruction, or a disease.

A renal scan is a great way to diagnose and evaluate any problem you may have in your kidneys. However, renal scans cannot distinguish between a tumor or a cyst. Therefore, your doctor may prescribe further diagnosis.

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