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Patient Safety Tips while Opting Portable X-ray at Home

August 24, 2020

These days most of the individuals are going through health issues. With the rapid advancement in healthcare technology, it is easy to identify and treat them. Portable X-rays are a breakthrough in healthcare technology. With the help of portable X-rays, you can capture the images of any organ of the body. Imaging must be done properly so that the doctor can diagnose the illness and recommend the appropriate treatment. Some people are unable to visit the healthcare centers; they are advised to get portable X-rays at home in Chandigarh.There are certain instructions that must be followed while getting portable X-ray at home which are classified as follows:

Portable X-rays - Chandigarh Mohali and Panchkula

Patient safety tips before diagnosis

    • If you are pregnant, inform your doctor well in advance. The radiation emitted by the X-rays can be dangerous for the newborn baby.


    • Try not to wear any jewelry or accessories before the X-rays, as it might put your life in danger. Try to keep them in a safe place.


  • Get ready 15-20 minutes before the technician visits your premises.

During the examination

    • The entire process does not consume much time. It takes 15 minutes to complete.


    • Follow the instructions given by the technologist, and he will place you on the exam table.


    • In case you have any questions, try to ask it without any hesitation. Technologists performing portable X-rays at home in Chandigarh comfort you at the time of distress and will answer all the queries.


    • Try to stay as relaxed during the process. The imaging must be done correctly so that necessary actions to mitigate it can be taken.

After the exam

    • You can resume normal activities once the entire procedure is over. Wait for your reports instead of jumping to conclusions.


Follow these tips if you have opted for a portable X-ray at home in Chandigarh. These tips will make the entire process smooth and hassle-free for you. It will minimize the chances of error. The primary purpose is to identify the cause and recommend an appropriate course of action as per the issue.

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