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How Getting an Allergy Screening Test Can Save Your Life

August 12, 2021

Allergies are a seemingly common condition that most everyone gets used to in their life once discovered. However, the causes of allergies are not common knowledge. Allergies are our body’s immune system reacting to a harmless substance more aggressively than it should. When someone starts sneezing, coughing, or develops a rash, it is called an allergic reaction. And the substance or the foreign particles, like dust, or pollen are the allergens.

Allergies are known to be non-life-threatening, and the reaction subsides after some time on its own. However, not knowing what you are allergic to or the severity by which your immune system produces antibodies, i.e., immunoglobulin E (IgE), can be very dangerous.

When is Allergy Testing Necessary?

Patients with diagnosed skin conditions like Eczema or Psoriasis are often recommended to undergo comprehensive allergy screening tests in Chandigarh to rule out any additional causal factors that might exacerbate the condition.

Certain medications interfere or do not show results if there is any undiagnosed allergy. So if you are undergoing treatment or taking antidepressants or heartburn medication, your physician may deem it necessary for you to get tested for any allergies.

Why are Allergy Screenings Important?

Although allergies are not life-threatening, if a person with a pre-diagnosed condition comes in contact with an allergen, the results could be fatal. Unfortunately, many deaths are reported annually caused by common allergies which were not attended to immediately.

Hence, it is vital to know your allergies so that the triggers can be avoided. For example, an asthma patient should prevent contact with dust and pollen at all costs so as not to aggravate their respiratory condition. Additionally, some people who are allergic to certain foods, like nuts or shellfish, may go into anaphylactic shock if not treated immediately and can cause death.

Tricity Healthcare’s allergy screening tests help people from Mohali, Chandigarh, and Panchkula determine any severe conditions before any reactions occur. So, schedule an examination with us for a comprehensive screening at the best price.

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