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Going For an MRI Scan? Here is What To Expect

January 9, 2020

Are you having an MRI scan in a few days? It may be obvious to feel nervous before the MRI examination. Because MRI procedure involves a big cylindrical shape machine taking your whole-body scans. But there is no need to worry as the MRI Scan process is a completely painless and safe procedure.

MRIs are used to take pictures of the body’s internal organs and skeletal system, which is examined by doctors to see if there are any injuries or anomalies in your bones, tissues, and muscles. MRI makes use of a strong magnetic field to produce images of internal body organs.

MRI Scan

What is the purpose of MRIs?

MRI Scans are used when X rays, CT scans are not effective enough to diagnose the issues in internal body structure. MRI can give a clearer picture of underlying problems in the human body structure. An MRI can help doctors to examine the problems associated with cartilage, ligaments, joints, wrists, muscles, strokes, multiple sclerosis and tendons. In addition, they are helpful in diagnosing a number of sports injuries. They are greatly used for detecting eye, ears, circulatory and heart systems. MRI Scan is also utilized in detecting brain tumors, and traumatic brain injury.

How to prepare yourself before an MRI scan procedure?

Remove metallic objects before undergoing an MRI machine: Any metal substance is not allowed in the MRI room. In fact, any other objects containing metals will be removed by your MRI technicians. Metals interfere with the scans and hinder the process. So leave all your jewelry and other metal items you carry at home.

Some people might feel claustrophobic in blockaded surroundings, so your doctor might give you sedating medication to feel comfortable during scanning. If you don’t remain still during a scanning procedure, you will not be able to get clear pictures, which is very essential to diagnose the problems.

You need to be still during MRI Scan: As mentioned earlier, MRI requires you to have still posture and be motionless so that the images will be clear.

Inform your doctor about your previous medical medications: In case, you are pregnant, under the influence of drugs or have taken medications in the past, you must notify these things to your doctor before the scan.

An MRI scan typically takes between 20-90 minutes, depending on the type of examination performed. After the scan is done, a radiologist will examine your pictures and will send a report to your doctor. You will get the test results from your doctor.

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