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Crucial tests your parents need in their 40s!

March 23, 2020

Getting old is inevitable. No one can stay younger, one day everyone has to enter their old age phase. Besides wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin, old age also brings in a series of health complications, which reduces the life quality. This means once the person gets old he/she won’t have the same energy, can’t perform the same activities as they did during their younger days and have to compromise on their favourite food as well.

In short, with the arrival of old age, people may experience several health concerns, which may affect their wellbeing if not managed properly. If your parents are in their 40s, then you need to look after their wellbeing. Well, the first step to achieve this is through routine medical tests, which will keep health complications at bay.

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Listed below are some of the most important medical tests for your parents if they have crossed their 40s.

Overall Health Examination- With a routine visit to a general physician, you can learn a lot about the status of your parents’ health. Therefore, make sure you take your parents to a good physician in your city every year. When it comes to picking a physician, always choose an experienced and certified physician, as they can tell a lot about your parents’ health by just examining them from head to toe. During a general physical exam, a physician will also check vitals such as weight, blood pressure, waist circumference, height, body mass index, body temperature, pulse rate and more.

Gender Specific Tests- As compared to men, women develop different health problems, so the tests to diagnose these health concerns should also be different. This is why we have given some crucial gender specific tests. Tests for father include prostate cancer test, heart disease screening, colorectal cancer diagnosis, and detection of lung cancer.

Make sure your mother visits a gynecologist for routine tests such as pelvic and breast examination, PAP smear, and mammography.

Blood Tests- Apart from a physical examination, getting blood tests done for your parents can also help the doctor determine the number of health problems. The results of blood tests can provide information about red blood cell count, differential leukocyte count, hemoglobin and platelets count. This can be used by the doctor to determine several problems in your parents such as infections, anemia, blood cancers, and other hematological problems.

Chemistry Panel Tests- The common chemistry panel tests include liver function tests, lipid profile, blood sugar fasting/postprandial, and kidney function tests. By getting these tests done for your parents, your doctor can find out several health problems related to liver, bones, kidney, pancreas, and heart and blood vessels.

Vision Test- It is a very common occurrence. As humans grow old, their eyesight becomes poor. In fact, some of the people may also develop problems related to the eye such as glaucoma, cataract, and macular degeneration and more. To ensure early detection of these problems, regular eye screening for your parents is a must.

The bottom line

Please remember, no matter whether or not your parents already have age-related health complications, getting these tests done on a regular basis can help you learn a lot about your parents’ health status. If any of your parents has blood pressure problems and diabetes, then getting your parents screened on a regular basis is crucial. Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, your parents may have to undergo other tests as well.

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